Born Matthew Paige Damon on October 8, 1970 (a Libra) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His father, a tax preparer and his mother, a college professor are now divorced and his older brother, Kyle, is a sculptor. How he inherited his enormous ego is still unknown. He’s had a string of Hollywood girlfriends in the past few years, his most long-term relationship being with Ben Affleck. We don’t love Matt Damon because he’s just so damn handsome, instead we love his films and the interesting characters he plays in those films, most notably his roles in ‘The Talented Mr. Riply’ alongside Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow and ‘The Bourne Identity’ (and most recently ‘The Bourne Supremacy’). Matt is widely known for his success in ‘Good Will Hunting,’ in which he and girlfriend Ben won an Oscar in 1997 for Best Screenplay (he was also nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role that year).

Matt’s tendency to not appear alongside his current girlfriends in films (unlike joined-by-the-hip Ben) is what makes his sell-by-date last a bit longer than other Hollywood actors. Although perhaps not the most photogenic lad out there, he is captivating both on and off screen and doesn’t spend his free time grooming his eyebrows, unlike some. Together with Ben, he co-founded ‘Project Greenlight,’ a screenwriting contest which began in 2000 and gives wannabes the opportunity to mirror the same fairy tale success that Matt shared with Ben after ‘Good Will Hunting.’ The grand prize for the would-be Hollywood screenwriter is a chance to direct his or her own movie. After Matt and Ben anoint the unknown, they present him with a $1 million budget (a little loose pocket change), top-actors to star in the film (top actors in the B and C-list categories, that is) and a theatrical-distrubtion guarantee. There’s even a reality show based on the project in which HBO chronicles the entire process in which thousands of scripts are weeded out and scrutinized in order to find the industry’s next best thing. Basically, it’s the screenwriter’s version of American Idol.

Other than gambling his money on local-boy Democratic presidential candidates, enjoying the success of his multiple blockbuster hits, and canoodling with dark-maned beauties within his zip code (although he did recently say he now prefers to date “civilians”), Matt also enjoys spending fine quality time doing non-Hollywood related activities. Pastimes include playing silly pranks with reliable friends such as George Clooney and Brad Pitt (only when Ben is not around), pick blades of grass off of baseball fields for his beloved, yet baseball obsessed father and hating people like fellow Bostonian Mark Wahlberg (unfortunately Matt doesn’t have the so-called “street cred” and hasn’t posed in his underwear, all in order to complete a Hollywood heartthrob’s laundry list of requirements). Surely good old Will would have a few things to say about that.

And when homeboy Matt is not out and about town dodging paparazzi and camera lenses, he’s off to the other side of the pond exploring the more challenging side of acting, which we all like to call theater (where actors and their credentials are now taken seriously). In 2002, Matt set camp in London dodging the rainy weather and bad food to appear in ‘This is our Youth,’ a West End play, alongside Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix. The play chronicled the lives of yuppie youths in 1980s New York with all their inherited money and boredom. Although he did call-off one too many times during his theater stint, his performance was still hailed as a noteworthy success.

Matt Damon’s underestimated and under-appreciated acting days are a thing of the far past. His continued stride towards eternal stardom after his Oscar win in 1997, has made it clear that Matt has worked hard at perfecting his craft and will be with us for years to come. Although having recently complained of movie making exhaustion, Matt took another gulp of his Gatorade anyway to complete his role in ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ with a handful of handsome men such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Andy Garcia. Previously having requested filmmakers to downsize his part in the film, he managed to play his role, all the while showcasing his comedic talents.

Because we all love the quirky little chap that he is, this site is dedicated to all the crazed obsessed Matt Damon fans outs there, whether you would like to be recognized or not. There’s nothing wrong with admiring hard-working Thespians and their work, as long as we don’t sit there spending hours upon hours scanning text about their life long achievements and copying and pasting their images for wallpapers at the office. But, of course, we are not those kind of people, or at least I would not like to admit to being one at this present time. We appreciate Matt for who is, big ego and all, and the great entertainment he has given us for the past decade. Matt Damon is a man of many as we all do hope that he continues accepting roles with more quality and depth and leave the rest to other thespian-challenged friends.